Is The Timex Marathon GPS Watch The Best?


Timex Marathon GPS Watch Review

Get into GPS training with this affordable training tool for runners and walkers who simply want speed and distance on their wrist during a workout.The watch, charging cable and instruction book are in the box.


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The Timex Marathon GPS Watch is a great GPS watch that has all the perks of advanced wrist GPS without the hefty price tag. With this GPS watch, you can not only track your distance, pace, and speed but you will also be able to track the energy that you used while working out. This GPS watch will also enable you to know your location using its advanced GPS technology, which is driven by SiRFstarIV.

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Advanced GPS Watch without the Big Price Tag

Timex Marathon GPS WatchThis wrist GPS is great for both runners and walkers who want to keep track of their progress in their workouts. Because it is simple to use, regardless of its advanced features, you will surely love wearing this GPS watch every time you are doing your laps and rounds.

•    What it Brings to the Table

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch can track up to a hundred laps per workout. It can also monitor your workout for up to 30 minutes, which is great for daily workout sessions. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to eight hours.

Another great thing about this GPS watch is that it has 5 alarm settings that you can use for in-workout session reminders. Also, it has a fairly big screen, which will enable you to see your stats while you are running or walking without any difficulty.

•    Advantages

There are a lot of positive characteristics that this wrist GPS has. Aside from being able to provide you with advanced GPS features, it is also great in tracking your speed, depending on your skill and progress, so that you can always improve on your trainings.

It is also quite easy to set up and does not need much tweaking, regardless of how advanced the GPS feature is.

•    Disadvantages

The only drawbacks that you will notice in the Timex Marathon GPS Watch are that the instruction that comes with it is not very easy to follow and the data are not downloadable. But if you want to know more about its configurations, you can easily search for videos on how to properly set this GPS watch. You can also review your stats on the watch itself if you need to track your progress.

•    Do People Love it?

Many users of Timex Marathon GPS Watch say that they find it very easy to use. Its GPS feature is great and you can really track your progress with this GPS watch. Though it does not have an option for data download, it is still a great buy.

Should You Buy The Timex Marathon GPS Watch?

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch is a really nice GPS watch both for runners and walkers. You can also use it as an indoor watch, which is great. It is a bit bulky, though, and women who love slim watches won’t like this so much but it is really worth your purchase if you are after its purpose.
It is also useful in doing workouts as it also monitors the energy that you expended, which is what most runners, walkers and trainers want.

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