Is The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch The Best?


Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer was designed for runners who want to say goodbye to repetitive loops, complicated mapping and over-planning. With a large, easy-to-read, customizable display, you can see exactly what you want during a workout. The 8-hour battery life and 50m water resistance give you the reliability you need from a training tool.


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If you want to have a run trainer GPS that is small but packs a lot of features, try the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch. This small yet functional wrist GPS will not only track your distance and your pace but will also track your location and will help you track your progress by keeping records about your training sessions.

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Great Running GPS The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS WatchYou can ensure that your heart is always in good shape while running or working out because it is compatible with the ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor. It is also compatible with Foot Pod Sensors, which will enable you to keep track of your workout data more accurately.

  • Features and Specs

Various Tracking Modes

With the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch, you can set your current pace or your average pace, depending on your preference. This makes it great for monitoring your progress even during workouts. You can also set your workout sessions and your breaks so that you can focus on your workouts instead of setting up your wrist GPS.


With its various reminder functions, you will also never forget your break as this has a hydration and nutrition reminder that will tell you when to replenish and when to take breaks to avoid over-fatigue.

Waterproof Feature and Clear Screen Display

You can also use the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch as a timer during swimming workouts as this can withstand water immersion for up to 50 meters. With its clear and easy to read display, you never have to stop working out just to take a glimpse at your progress.

It also has a sturdy case and easy to push yet durable buttons that enable you to set your preferences easily.

Battery Life

This wrist GPS can last for as long as 8 hours when being used. Thus, you can track all of your workout activities in a day without having the need to recharge it every few hours.

  • Pros and Cons


The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch is a tough yet very functional GPS watch. There are a lot of functions that you can use without the hefty price tag. It is also easy to set up and there are a lot of data that you can get from this wrist GPS to keep track of your progress.


The only drawback is that this wrist GPS is a bit bulky. Nonetheless, it works perfectly.

What People Say About The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch

People highly recommend this watch for its durability and functionality. Some people say the new version should be shrunk a bit for a more comfortable fit. But all in all, most people say it is one of the best GPS watches ever.

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch is a great choice not only for runners but also for trainers who want to monitor their time, pace, distance and heart rate while training. Due to its sensitive GPS system, you will never have to worry about losing connection. Thus, you will always stay connected and updated with the data that you need during and after your trainings.

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