A Complete Guide on Selecting the Best GPS Watch

GPS watches have certainly come a long way ever since they were first launched in the market. Gone are those heavy and brick like watches with hard to find satellite signals, because today’s GPS watches are highly innovative and sleek and are loaded with so many features that make it to become more efficient and useful.

If you look around, you will find several different brands and models of GPS watches. Indeed, the choices are a bit overwhelming that you would have a hard time deciding which of them to choose. Remember that the device does not come cheap, so it is absolutely important that you purchase something that is really worth it. Of course, you cannot just spend your hard earned money on some cheap and dysfunctional GPS watch out there. So to help you choose the best one to buy, read this guide now.

Intended Use

First of all, think of how you are going to use the GPS watch. The main purpose of most people in buying the watch is to help them in tracking their way around, especially when going on a trek, or perhaps when they are running, hiking, cycling and even when walking their dogs.

Although this type of watch is primarily made for runners, there are several other features found on some GPS watches now that are useful for other people as well. When selecting the best GPS watch, it is necessary to find out how you are going to use it. Just ask yourself, “Why do I need this kind of watch?” Knowing how you will use the watch can help you to decide on which brand or model of GPS watch you should buy.


The more features that a GPS watch has, the more expensive it will turn out to be. You may want to first consider your skill level in using GPS before you splurge on expensive GPS watches that come with high tech features. High end GPS watches have advanced features that are designed for well experienced athletes and trekkers that are very much familiar with GPS. There are those watches that are capable of tracking one’s heart rate as well as foot cadence, and other can be programmed with advanced or interval workouts.

There is nothing wrong in investing in high tech GPS watches, for as long as you have the money and that you are knowledgeable with how to make full use of it. For beginners however, you may be better off with the basic models.


The style is another factor that you should think about when buying GPS watches. Several years ago, most of these watches are really huge and are a bit heavy and bulky to carry on the wrist. But due to technology and innovation, the current models are more compact and thus, they are more convenient to carry.

In fact, some brands weigh 1.5 ounces only and look really stylish. They are perfect for fashion conscious individuals who are looking for a kind of GPS watch that will match with whatever outfit they’re wearing. There are also those brick style watches that resemble the older versions. They are cheaper and the great thing about them is that they have a much bigger screen size so those who have difficulty viewing small images might actually prefer these types of watches.


The price is another thing that you should think of when buying a GPS watch. Of course, you should set a budget in mind before you go on looking for the best models of GPS watch to buy. And as mentioned, the more features the watch comes with, the more expensive it will turn out.

Basically, the GPS works by tracking time, pace and the distance. If it can do more than these tasks, then expect to pay more. The cheapest that you can find is at $150 and high end GPS watches could cost up to thousands of dollars. Yet, they come with so many features that are specific with certain activities.

For example, triathletes can benefit from a GPS watch that is able to track the swimming distance as well as the number of strokes. Runners can also benefit from watches that come with advance running features to help them excel on their sport. Those who are fond of trekking and mountaineering should invest on those watches that have altimeters and compasses.

Hardware, Maps and Memory

The hardware is one thing that you should think of when choosing the best watch and this includes the battery life as well as those additional sensors aside from the GPS on the GPS watch. The additional sensors often come in the form of compasses, barometric altimeters, thermometers, accelerometers and many more.

The maps that are found on the GPS watch are also important and thus, you should also check this when buying this device. Although typically, the watch displays simple lines on the maps while you navigate your way along the route. However, there are other watches that come with waypoints. These are navigational coordinates which mark important locations such as your house, public bathrooms, etc.

The memory of the watch is also important. Remember that the amount of information that the GPS watch can store will vary greatly. Others can hold only a few activities while some is capable of storing up to several hours.

So these are some of the most important things that you should think of when you are out in the market, looking for the GPS watch to buy. Remember that having a GPS watch is certainly an incredible thing, most especially if you are an athlete. It is an extremely useful device that has the potential to do a lot of stuff for any athlete or for any individual out there. Indeed, it helps to make life so much easier.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some insights when it comes to selecting the best GPS watch in the market. If you need more information, just go online and read reviews from others who have tried using this watch.